What is PERC

What is PERC

The Parent Education Resource Center is a service provided through the Memphis Talent Dividend and its community partners to empower parents/guardians seeking information and educational opportunities for their children after high school graduation. We recognize the challenges of parents who individually struggle to find the information services, opportunities, and expertise to help their children succeed socially and academically. Our goal is to  keep parents well informed, while cultivating relationships with community organizations and other parents to collectively empower the parents of our youth to support their children as they pursue post-secondary opportunities.


To provide information to parents/guardians that will help their child(ren) in the areas of academic achievement and personal/social development with an emphasis on educational opportunities after high school graduation.

What We Believe

We believe the whole family dynamic is important to the success of the student. According to Harvard Family Research Projects, fully equipped parents, with high expectations and involvement in a student’s life (at home and school) is associated with higher student achievement outcomes.

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What We Want to Achieve

Along with providing parents with information through online resources, workshops and webinars, we strive to increase parent participation in their student(s) education by building confidence around the post-secondary landscape.